Allium Seeds are a Unique, Independent British Seed Company

We are the only UK owned company breeding bulb onion and shallot varieties for the professional and amateur market. We are the leading supplier of onion sets to the UK market – predominantly of our own varieties which have been bred in the UK specifically for our customers. Our seed range includes open-pollinated and hybrid red bulb varieties, the only UK bred hybrid shallot varieties as well as echalion and other specialities.

Because of our in-house breeding team, we have control from the very first crossing through to parent seed production. Our specialist staff support and advise our professional seed production partners to ensure quality is maintained at every step. Productions are monitored at every step and all productions are stored in our temperature-controlled seed stores. All resulting seed lots are grown in our trials and checked by our breeders to ensure varietal purity is maintained.

We undertake confidential bespoke projects on behalf of other seed companies and customers.

Onion Set Development

Sets continue to be produced from isolated and carefully selected production fields in France, Belgium and Holland. With NAKT inspection and control.

Our seeds are fully tested for freedom from stem and bulb eelworm (Ditylenchus dipsaci) and our production fields are certified free from white rot (Sclerotuim cepivorum).

All fields are inspected regularly by Allium Seeds staff as well as NAKT. We are constantly checking for trueness of variety, virus infection, stem and bulb eelworm, white rot, downy mildew and fusarium.

With written approval of fields by NAKT which is valid as a plant passport under directive 2000/29/EU.

Providing full traceability, using NAKT numbered field labels attached to bags.

With certification at the time of harvest for freedom of downy mildew (Peronospora destructor).

Moving Forward With Us

We pride ourselves in giving a reliable and personal service which has helped us build up many long-term relationships.

Our breeding has produced market leading set varieties – over winter variety Shakespeare and spring planted Rumba and Griffon as well as the early maturing hybrids Red Radiant and Spitfire. We have a range of very long day reds which started with the open pollinated variety Garnet and has recently produced Red Herald F1 now followed by hybrids ABS219 and ABS221F1 We have a shallot breeding programme which has produced several hybrids including the widely used round variety Lorient F1.

A wide range of new material is in the pipeline to add to the success.


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