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Over Winter Brown Sets


  •  The market leading variety which is high yielding with good pre-pack quality. Suitable for short term storage.
  • Recommended UK planting time according to size grade, 14/17/17/21mm, from mid October into November

Early Crop Brown Sets

Spitfire F1

  • Our earliest maturing Spring variety planting available.
  • Strong rooting and vigorous habit which suits a wide range of soils.
  • Excellent globe-shaped, pale straw coloured bulbs with thin necks which are suitable for pre-packing. Best harvested green and dried at 28C with duct relative humidity 65-70%.


  • Reliable, well-known, standard variety, which performs best on early soils.
  • Stores well for such an early variety.
  • Thin neck results in shorter curing time.

Vulcan 200 F1

  • Vigorous growth habit and early – mid season maturity.
  • Very uniform, attractive round bulbs with compact necks, allowing quicker curing.


  • Excellent uniformity and vigour for an open pollinated variety and is increasing in popularity for mid season harvest.
  • Medium fine neck and good root system, forming attractive solid bulbs.
  • Heat treatment can help to eliminate bolting and maximise yield.

Main Crop Brown Sets


  • Since it’s introduction, our breeders have carefully maintained Rumba quality.
  • This continues as the leading main crop variety which is very widely grown.
  • Excellent yields of good quality, solid globe-shaped bulbs.
  • Most Rumba for 2020 will be grown in France or Belgium.


  • Main crop from Allium Seeds’ selected seed stock, giving consistent results but of declining interest due to the popularity of Rumba and Setton.


  • An alternative Sturon type with finer, upright foliage and increased uniformity.
  • Exclusively available from Allium Seeds for the UK market.

Early & Main Crop Red Sets

Red Radiant F1

  • An improved early hybrid Spring planted red with attractive round bulbs.
  • A hybrid version of our open pollinaten Red Arrow with improved quality, earliness and bolting resistance.


  • Allium Seeds’ leading main crop red which is widely grown.
  • Main crop set ready for harvest in early August.
  • A dark red globe shaped bulb bred as a more single centered Red Baron type.
  • To minimize bacterial issues Rijnsburger reds should be dried at 22-23C, not 28C

Red Baron

  • Allium Seeds’ selection of this standard variety.
  • Very good performance in NIAB set trials.
  • Sets produced to our own specification.

Allium Seeds for Direct Drilling

Red Herald F1

  • Main crop maturity for long term storage.
  • Consistently uniform high yields and quality.
  • Dark red globe-shaped bulbs with a strong root system.
  • Widely grown in the UK and Northern Europe.


  • A more single centered red with good shape.
  • Available as a primed seed for more uniform and rapid establishment.

Red Baron

  • Allium Seeds’ excellent selection of this well known open-pollinated variety.
  • Outstanding commercial results. Compares very favorably with alternative available stocks.
  • Available as a primed seed for more uniform and rapid establishment.



  • Allium Seeds’ market-leading open-pollinated echalion is the result of a careful, painstaking selection process by our breeders
  • Figaro has a strong root system and produces beautifully shaped bulbs with slender necks
  • Figaro can be found in all major fresh produce retailers complementing the bulb onion and shallot selection.

Shallots for Direct Drilling

Lorient F1

  • The first hybrid shallot bred in the UK.
  • Allium Seeds’ bred round shallot variety.
  • A pink/brown variety with good storage to May.
  • Harvest late August.

Laval F1

  • A longday hybrid, semi-long type which is prevalent outside the UK.
  • High yielding, main crop variety.

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