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Red Herald F1 filling the store for this Essex grower. Very pleased with his first experience of the variety #britishonions #reds AlliumSeeds photo

So we look to harvest the onions at full maturity when there is 100% leaf fall over (neck over) and 25% to 50% leaf die back. This ensures we have maximised yield without compromising final skin finish and skin retention. AlliumSeeds photo

This week I will be talking through all aspects of onion production, what we do and why we do it. Ultimate aim is to promote #britishonions raise awareness and increase the market ! Without our customers buying the product we have nothing. #eatmoreonions

Taking over the @FarmersOfTheUK twitter account from tomorrow - so take a look to see an entire week of (mostly) all things onion ! #britishonions 🧅🧅🧅

Figaro harvest well underway in Beds with a pleasing sample #echalion #britishproduce AlliumSeeds photo


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