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Harvest over half way for OW Shakespeare sets. Some good yields but much variation depending on soil condition through winter and irrigation capacity this spring. #harvest2020 #toowettoodry #britishonions AlliumSeeds photo

The onion gear is out for the 2020 season starting with these overwintered onion sets 🧅 @rixfarms #Onions AlliumSeeds photo

Harvest underway in Cambridgeshire. Overwinter Shakespeare drying well in current conditions!☀️ #harvest2020 #britishonions #heatwaveuk AlliumSeeds photo

Very clean crop of Red Baron @ 6TL on Suffolk sand. Seed primed, fungicide and insecticide treated☀️ #redonions #Britishonions #heatwave AlliumSeeds photo

14/17 Vulcan set in Lincolnshire fens at 8tl and 30mm bulbs. Todays 25mm very welcome🌧️ (Photo taken yesterday!) #onions #britishonions AlliumSeeds photo

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